Collective Poetry Writing Workshops


CAO’s online and in-person collective poetry-writing workshops have engaged over 300 community members of the Sinophone diaspora based in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, China, and more. We carefully design guiding questions on queer/feminist kinship, food, and memory, to which each participant start on one page and turn to the next page(s) to continue what other people have written. These queer feminist poetics are intimate conversations with each other, holding space for joy, grief, and otherwise inexplicable feelings in diaspora.

July 29, 2023. Los Angeles, CA, USA
June 17, 2023. online
May 6, 2023. Brooklyn, NY, USA
April 17, 2023. Durham, NC, USA

December 4, 2022. online
November 27, 2022. online
November 26, 2022. online

November 19, 2022. Newark, NJ, USA

October 16, 2022. online

August 20 & 24, 2022. online

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